detox drinks for drug test

Detox pills for drug test | Does Toxin Rid still the best in 2018?

I got many questions regarding drug testing and how to pass a simple urine drug test. Most people are interested in home remedies and natural ways to pass the drug test. unfortunately I can not recommend any home remedies for drug test simply because most of them doesn’t work, and the some that have higher succes rate are still very unreliable.

Chances are extremly high if you use home remedies such as Certo, Niacin or palo azul tea to clean your system.

Natural detox is good, but it can take up to 3 weeks, depending on your smoking/drug using habits, body type, age, metabolism and other factors.

In my opnion if you want to go on the „natural route” then you should speed up the process with some high quality detox pills for drug test, my go to drug detox pilled called: Toxin Rid.

It has many different programs, starts from 24 hours detox programs (honestly I wouldn’t recommend it) to 10 day detox. For those who have 10 extra days on their hands and spare 189$ for the pills then Toxin Rid’s 10 day detox program is the sure way to pass a drug test.

I got this question a few days ago, and honestly it pissed me off a little bit:

I have a drug test coming up. I know this since November but i stop smoking completely December 31th. I smoke a few time afterward but not since Feb 10th. I know is hair and urine test they told me at the interview. Im waiting on the background check response. Once thats done the drug tests are next. So thats coming up in Late March or early April. I haventsmoke for sure. I have been washing my hair with the old style aloe toxin since February. I run 4 miles 3 times a week and exercises afterward and weight 195 lbs. Should be worry about the urine drug test or hair drug test? Can you please point me on the right direction? Do i need to worry about the urine test? Also i been drinkin sour oranges with black coffee to clean my blood out. I drink the qCarbo16 before for the urine and it work for me.

He is a reader of my blog, but he still tries stupid remedies such as black coffee and orange juice…seriously just because these are natural diuretics, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to pass your test with this strategy.

Qcarbo by the way far from good, especially the smallest version Qcarbo16. I am having a hard time to understand why would anybody buy the smallest bottle if the bigger one is available for 10$ extra?

Toxin Rid review

If you decide to use some detox drinks, then try to use something higer quality such as Mega clean detox or Absolute detox, and its still a good idea to start taking drug detox pills a few days before the test. Toxin Rid’s 5 or 3 day detox program is perfect for some pre cleanse.

For detailed Toxin Rid detox pill review, check out this site. Its a very indepth review of Toxin Rid 10 day detox, but you can also read about detox drinks for drug test, other drug detox pills, some methods tricks and of course about synthetic urine!

Fake urine for drug test is absolutely the safest way to pass a urine drug test, but i know many people dont trust in synthetic urine.

In my next article I will review a few detox pills for drug test that work and a few that doesnt.

Stay tuned guys.

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Pro tools free download

Avid Pro tools free download | With Pro tools Ilok and Activation code

There is a high demand for Pro tools 11 download, because there are many websites offering the software for download, but it doesn’t come with crack. They basically share an installer wich is completely worthless if they don’t have Pro tools 11 patch and crack.

Avid Pro Tools is a program that gives its user with every possible feature you might need to create, record, mix music and sounds. It is a tool every music composer and producer should have in his or her suite of tools as it is productive, easy to use, flexible, and full of features. When you choose to use Avid Pro Tools, you choose to open yourself to a world numerous possibilities.

You can explore and learn so much while using this amazing tools with all the features it has to provide. Be it a novice or a skilled expert, this DAW is a first preference for anyone who likes music production and being creative.

With very basic system requirements, this tool is ideal for any creative soul. However, not everyone is keen on spending $599 first then continue with $99 every year – it can be too much! Good things in life don’t come for free – or they do! With Avid pro tools free download, get the creative software without spending your precious money.

There is a whole world of tools and features to help you exploit your creative tendencies. What do you get for absolutely free when you choose to use Pro Tools download?

What does the Pro Tools Download Contains

  • Collaborate in the cloud
    • With this feature, you can easily collaborate with other artists.
    • It is a groundbreaking set of some really amazing features which allows the user to collaborate and combine sounds over the cloud without ever needing to meet physically.
    • It is super easy and people from different parts of the world can easily produce a common track in a smooth experience.
  • Track freeze
    • DAWs can be very processor hungry and more often than not, some instruments can take a lot more processing power than others being used in a track.
    • With the Track Freeze feature, you can free up some processing power by freezing an entire audio track or some specific instruments.
    • When you need to start editing it again, unfreeze the frozen module and start working!
    • This is a very flexible and useful option which allows you to use the computer easily and much more effectively.
  • Position clips more precisely with clip transparency
    • For every music producer, precision is of primary importance and no audio clip is perfect without having a deep and accurate command over the little things.
    • With Avid pro tools 11, you can easily and precisely place clips and use the sounds.

Pro tools 12 download

Download Pro Tools 12 with Crack

It is very easy to use the Avid pro tools 11 crack and it works like a charm. So, if you are one of those who want to use the software but don’t want to spend money like crazy, then this crack and Avid pro tools 11 patch is for you. Take your musician skills to a whole new level with this intelligent and lovely program.

You can download the full software from this Dj Software blog.

If you guys are need a the crack file please comment below, I will share it in my next posts or link you to a trusted website. It wont costs you any money I can guarantee, but for exchange please share and like my post it indicates that you guys like and appreciate what I do.

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Legalizing Marijuana – Who Benefits?

In the ongoing effort to legalize marijuana, there is all manner of discussion of what the outcome might be, what the benefits and negative social impact might be and who will profit the most from the legalization of marijuana. First and foremost, it is important to understand that marijuana has only recently been considered a harmful drug.

In the early days of the United States, politicians and businessmen alike recommended marijuana and the cannabis plant be grown as frequently as possible. One of the most profitable crops at the time was hemp which was used for rope, fuel and all manner of other kinds of products.

Unfortunately, in the early part of the 20th century, the government, largely coerced by religious movements and other political activist groups, was pressured into criminalizing marijuana.

marijuana plantation

Rather than enact a law permitting the use of marijuana, it was decided that no one would be allowed to sell marijuana or cannabis without being issued a certified tax stamp from the United States treasury.

Of course, that tax stamp was never issued to any corporation or individual at any time in the history of the United States, making the sale and profit from the sale of marijuana illegal.

Over the years, individual states have adopted all manner of different laws regarding marijuana sales and use. Naturally, if you use any type of marijuana products and get caught, there will be some type of fine or citation that will swiftly follow as punishment for your misdeeds.

But once marijuana is legalized, what will happen to all of those people who are serving time or were otherwise convicted of usage of the marijuana plant?

It is hard at this time to guess who will benefit from the legalization of marijuana.

Those who sell the product will obviously benefit almost instantly, but other people who will benefit from the legalization of marijuana would be the United States treasury as well as corporations who are already set up to take advantage of the production and sale of marijuana.

Cigarette companies, for instance, have already trademarked graphic designs and packaging for marijuana, just in case it ever becomes legal. This only makes sense, as they have much to gain by selling a product that is almost identical in manufacturing process to the cigarettes that they already sell.

While it might not seem readily apparent, the United States government stands to benefit greatly from the legalization of marijuana, through the taxation and sale of these types of products.

Naturally, the revenue from taxing marijuana would be tremendous and the legalization of marijuana would be a massive windfall to the United States government.

At any rate, is easy to see that the American economy would benefit greatly from the legalization of marijuana.

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Macujo method

How to pass a hair follicle drug test | Aloe Rid | Zydot Ultra clean detox shampoo


There are a couple ways to pass a hair follicle drug test. The best and usually recommended method is the Macujo method, the second safest way is the Jerry G method and there are some home remedies for hair drug test, but non of these are reliable.

I have a youtube channel and I share some methods there on how to pass a hair follicle drug test? I have recieved tons of comments on the effectivenes of the Macujo method, here is a successful one:

How to pass a hair follicle drug test: Step By Step

Yes it works.. it aint easy… heavy smoker all my life every single day since I can remember… you have to do this really well for it to work… I didnt buy the expensive shampoo but got everuthing else at wallmart… like everything you hear about that u throw in ir hair to detox, buy it…

Then i did the methods x10… like nonstop for 3 or 4 days… missed a couple of days of college but all worth it… I even bleached my hair twice during that time… vinegar… laundry detrgnt… baking soda… salicilyc acid… shampoo containing glycol propylene .. more vinegar… mouth scope… you name it…

laugh if u want… but this is a $25 hrly job i have now… but you have to go crazy for this to be guaranteed… I failed one drug test a month before with just once a day for 3 days… nope, not for my dirty ass… do it nonfukin stop for as long as you can and take what belongs to you… own it … like a fuckin boss… just like I did…

Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula: The Key Ingredient

Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula

Keep that in mind guys that you will need to use Nexxus Aloe rid old formula for the Macujo method, its something what you can not miss from the method. There are other hair detox shampoos on the market, but non of them are as good as Aloe Rid.

You can buy Nexxus Aloe Rid detox shampoo in hair salons or order it from ebay or amazon, the only problem with these that they are not the old formula. There are tons of different Aloe rid versions, they all have different ingerdients, thats the problem. The newer batch is not as effective as the old one, its missing some key ingredients what makes Aloe Rid detox shampoo so good and effective.

The Macujo Method: Three things to remember

So once again, the most important parts of the macujo methods are:

Get the rid Old version of Nexxus Aloe Rid

Do not skip using Zydot Ultra clean shampoo (there are many websites skip this very important part of the method)

Use the Macujo method 7-10 times before taking the test. Its recommended to the the whole cleansing process twice every day. 7 times is the minimum what I would recommend. If you have one or two days only, you can still give it a try and wash your hair and scalp like 3-4x a day, but the resulsts are not guranteed. For more info on how to pass a hair drug test with Nexxus Aloe Rid, check this post:

Aloe Toxin Rid old formula Review

In my next article I will talk about saliva drug testing. Passing a saliva drug test is much much easier than passing a hair follicle drug test and it doesn’t even cost you a dime. Stay tuned guys!


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illegal weed

Marijuana and America’s War on Drugs

It is quickly becoming public knowledge that prescription drugs are more dangerous than the illegal variety. But still the war on drugs is put into place to combat the illegal drugs.

Did you know that the number one factor in determining the legality of a drug is how great the corporate and government profits are for that specific drug?

Marijuana is going to be the next great American cash crop. All it is missing is the financial and legal support of those major corporations. Something I see in the future of marijuana, especially considering its many medical qualities of which more and more are being discovered daily. If this doesn’t make sense, just think of it this way.

The tobacco company has been allowed to sell and distribute a product that is known to kill people. The reason why is because states get a cut of the revenues from sold cigarettes (Adams). States are not going to make a product that provides them with much needed capital illegal, no matter how many people it kills.

So the real reason for the legality of a drug does not lie in safety measures, nor medical ones, but like any other American institution money. Money makes the world go round right?
The same is true for the gambling industry. Organized gambling is illegal on both the state and federal level unless in those special circumstances when the government gets a cut of the action.

war on drugs

Casino friendly states made it legal, not for the good of the public but to make more money. Even in a casino friendly state, the state receives a portion of the profits to ensure the casino is not shut down, kind of like a mob operation taking its cut for protection so to speak.

The same goes for state lotteries, which are the most organized and widespread form of gambling sanctioned by our government in which every states gets its fair share of the profits. Think about that, the next time you visit a casino or even buy a lottery ticket (Adams).

Now back to the wonderful world of drugs. This is just how messed up the government’s priorities are when determining the legality of a drug. The exact same compound can be illegal in one drug but legal in others.

An example of this is the Chinese herb ma huang which was illegal because of the ephedrine in it. But ephedrine is legal in over the counter prescriptions such as Sudafed and many other cold medicines.

Whichever form the government can make the most money off of gets the green light for consumption. It’s all about consumption, profit margins and the American way.

If prescription drugs was sold on the street like say marijuana, in a non-taxable, non-corporate profit way then the long arm of the law would come down on this make believe underground prescription market like it has on the other illegal drugs. My question then is who decides whether a drug is profitable enough to warrant legal consumption? Who gets to make the decision?

It is just over the past fifteen years that the sale of opoids or pain killers, specifically oxycodone, hyrdocodone, methadone and fentanyl has risen to astronomical proportions as have the deaths resulting from this rise in consumption. In 2002, 16,000 people died from overdoses with he majority of those deaths coming from opioids, heroin and cocaine, the first vastly surpassing both of the latter drugs.

And now for some hard percentages revealing an alarming trend in America. Between 1979 and 1990 the number of deaths attributed to accidental drug poisoning increased an average of 5.3% annually. Between 1990 and 2002, this number jumped to 18.1%.

Between the years of 1990 and 2002 deaths caused by opioid overdose alone increased an alarming 91.2% (Prescription).

marijuana plantation

That is the reason why medical marijuana is illegal, because the government does not control its growth or distribution nor do they receive a cut of the profits. But according to the public policy analyst Jon Gettman, “marijuana produces more annual revenue than wheat or corn combined, a whopping $35 billion” (Kage).

Also the states of California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington produce more than $1 billion of the crop every year.

The United States alone produces an estimated 10,000 metric tons of marijuana annually and the average cost per pound was $1,606. Even Tom Riley, the spokesperson of the U.S. Office Of National Drug Control Policy, agreed that illegal drug use is a serious part of our economy.

But he quickly counteracted his statement by also mentioning that more U.S. teens are being treated for marijuana dependency than all other drugs combined (Kage). Gettman is a well known marijuana advocate, whose argument logically states that the U.S. government is failing to control the use of marijuana by “criminalizing its cultivation” (Kage).

Gettman believes the focus of the government should be how we can control and tax the sale and use of this cash crop rather than punish the rapidly growing numbers of those who use it.

The government is not looking out for you or your best interest, despite what the television tells you.

Mind altering substances that are highly addictive and kill millions of people each year are legal, while medical marijuana, proven to have many medical properties remains on the illegal list of drugs worthy of jail time.

As stated before this is because of the government’s profit margins that need to be filled, much the same way as the organized gambling in casinos and state lotteries run across several states in the United States of America. Will marijuana become America’s next cash crop?

And as a result be legalized and regulated by the federal government?

Only time will tell. But that may be just what this country needs to dig us out of our current economic ditch we are all drowning in. In my opinion, it will revive our struggling economy by bringing more money in. People buy it anyway, at least this way it will help our country. We’ll just have to see.

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Heather Donahue Talks Marijuana and the Possibility of Another ‘Blair Witch Project’ Movie

“The Blair Witch Project” set up the landscape for current movies and the way they are shot. Films such as “Paranormal Activity” and “Quarantine” both capitalized on the success of “Blair Witch.” I recently had the chance to talk to one of the original cast members of “Blair Witch,” Heather Donahue.
Going back about 10 years, you made your breakthrough in “The Blair Witch Project.” This movie set up a lot of the ways movies are being made now, mainly low budget hand held camera shots like “Paranormal Activity” and “Quarantine.” When doing this project, was there any thought that “Blair Witch” would essentially change the way movies are made?

When we were making “Blair Witch,” the highest hope was that it would get into Sundance. There was no sense, in my mind at least, that it would have such an impact. My job was just to go for it, get down and dirty. No holds barred, not even runny snot and splotchy cryface.

I saw “Blair Witch” when it first came out and everyone thought it was real until one day you showed up on an MTV Awards show. From the time the movie finished shooting until the appearance on MTV, what was your life like in terms of not being able to promote yourself for upcoming projects when people thought you were dead?

There weren’t a lot of opportunities at first for the cast to show that we were in fact alive and well. It was part of the marketing scheme to keep the cast under wraps. To the extent that we showed up as dead on IMDB. Once the movie came out, we were given more opportunities.

The movie recently had its 10 year anniversary. Do you still have fans coming up to you that still can’t get enough of “Blair Witch”?

I can’t say that I’ve had many people come up to me that can’t get enough of “Blair Witch,” but I still do get recognized for it. These days, that mostly happens around Halloween. It’s always funny how fresh it is for people, since they’ve just seen it, and how long ago it is for me. They sometimes seem concerned, like I’ve aged a decade overnight.

growgirl Heather Donahue

Since then, you’ve done some smaller roles in film and TV, one of which being on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” What has the road since “Blair Witch” been like in regard to getting acting jobs? Has the movie helped or hurt auditioning, etc.?

I think it’s always hard for actors whose first big movies become etched in people’s memories. I think it was challenging for me to be seen as anything other than ‘the girl from the Blair Witch Project.’ I hope to see Katie Featherstone not become more than ‘the girl from Paranormal Activity,’ if she wants to keep acting.

For me, having people stuck in that one perception of me turned out to be a blessing, though it didn’t feel that way at the time. It gave me the kick in the head I needed to move on from LA and acting. I was able to get back to writing with more commitment and discipline than I had when I was still auditioning. I was able to find a life I love. Most important? I learned how to let go. Have the courage to empty the cup, because it will fill again, with something more delicious. I guess it’s that whole thing about nature abhorring a vacuum.

Eduardo Sanchez (“Blair Witch” director) danced around the idea of making another “Blair Witch” movie. The movie was so great because of its originality. What are your thoughts about another “Blair Witch” movie?

The mythology that the Haxan guys (producers of Blair) created for the original movie is so rich that I don’t doubt they could come up with something great. I would go see it.

You actually have an extensive writing background. What do you enjoy doing more, writing or acting?

It was my love of reading and writing that originally brought me to acting. I love trying on another skin, another life, walking in someone else’s shoes. Diving into another world. I loved that about acting, but writing lets me go deeper. I get to spelunk myself and the world in more ways. On the page, you aren’t limited by age or race or nationality. You can create any kind of character. I wasn’t getting to do that as an actress. I wasn’t getting to tell stories whole. So, though I miss some of the social bits of acting, I love writing (most days) and finally feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do.

Currently, you’re writing a book called “GROWGIRL: The Blossoming of an Unlikely Outlaw.” Tell me a little bit about how this came about and what the story is.

I’ve been asked by my publisher not to talk about the book. But I can say this: for my thirtieth birthday, I got a tattoo of a daisy growing out of the crack of my ass. The thought behind it was that all beauty comes from shit. The book illuminates adventures along those lines. And I mean that in the most positive way.

I had a chance to watch some of your readings from the book via your website ( The response from fans is great. What has been the reaction from the book and its readings?

For me, readings satisfy any lingering itch to perform. I love sharing my work, and the response has been great so far – even the haters have been enthusiastic. That’s another way my background comes in handy in my current life. Acting gave me a pretty thick skin, which is a thing to be grateful for when you write about controversial topics.

You write a lot about marijuana. It was recently voted to NOT become legal in California. Do you think it will ever become legal? If it does, how does it change the way people look, use or fell about marijuana?

I’m fascinated by the politics of marijuana. The plant itself is a force to be reckoned with. We’ve been coevolving with cannabis for thousands of years now. It’s always been there. The founding fathers grew it.

I feel the zeitgeist around pot is here to stay and we will see growing momentum toward legalization nationwide. As there is more testing around the medical benefits of cannabis, there will be a change in the way that people look at the plant. I think it is just a matter of time before we recognize that the benefits of marijuana, used responsibly, outweigh the harm inflicted by prohibition.

And I say this as someone who doesn’t indulge much, but when I do, it’s because I feel it’s necessary. If I can’t sleep and I have a choice between a bit of Kush or an Ambien, I will choose the Kush because I believe it’s better for me. I look forward to the day when that’s proven.

Thank you for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Just a big thank you.

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drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse and Teens


Of all of things that teens are using to get high the most popular seems to be prescription drugs. It may possibly be because of the ease in which these drugs can be obtained.

Most teens admit that they get their prescription drugs right from their family member or parent’s medicine cabinet. Furthermore, if they cannot be found there they are all too easy to buy off of the street from other teens. This addiction can be a very dangerous one.

Parents should be alert to the fact that every teen may experiment with prescription drugs at some point. Some of the drugs that teens will frequently try are painkillers, muscle relaxers, anxiety medications, anti-depressants, and prescription weight loss aids. There are some things as a parent that you should look for if you suspect that your child may be using prescription drugs.

One of the first implications that your child is using prescription drugs is common sense. If you notice a drastic change in your teen’s personality or behavior, there may be something going on. You may notice that your teen is either not talking or talking excessively. There may be a change in the people that they hang around.

Their grades may change or even their study habits. They may display an inability to focus or concentrate on one topic at a time. You may even see major mood swings. They may be very ecstatic one moment and then completely down the next. Their personality may become something that you have never seen before with your child. This will be the first sign that there is some kind of drug abuse problem.

Pay close attention to your child’s sleep patterns. A good indicator that there is something not right is if your child is not sleeping like they should.

teenager drug abuse

A lot of prescription drugs contain stimulants that will inhibit someone from being able to sleep. There are also some drugs that will mike a teen sleep more than normal. If you notice that your child is suddenly unable to sleep at night or is sleeping way too much, there very well could be a reason behind it.

Appetite changes are also something that needs to be watched. Teens will go through different times in their life that they will eat more or less. This does not mean that every teen is on drugs. However, if you notice that your teenager is barely eating anything and feels nauseated often there is usually a reason behind this. One of the main side effects of prescription pain killers is nausea. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears wide open to what your child is eating or lack thereof.

Most parents will keep their medicine cabinets locked when a child is small. Many never think that they should do the same with older children in the home. With prescription drug abuse by teens on the rise, this is a very good reason for everyone who has a child in the home to keep their prescriptions under lock and key. You may think that this is a bit much but drastic times call for drastic measures of protection.

The biggest part of keeping your child off of drugs is simply your involvement in their life. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not feel guilty for going through their things. It is your responsibility as a parent to know what your child is doing at all times. Pay close attention to the actions of your child at all times and be a part of everything that they do. You alone can be the preventing factor of having a child who is addicted to prescription drugs.

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About the disadvantage of legalizing the weed

The supporters of the marijuana legalization argue that the weed is not as addictive as like other harder drugs like heroin and cocaine but the addiction handling professionals have seen that the weed is used for many years and it does not leads to the addiction. The research made on this weed drug has found that the 10 users have developed the dependence on it in over time. As like the other substances of abuse cases when you stop the use of the marijuana then it will leads to the withdrawal symptoms that ranges from anxiety to the irritability. Considering that the marijuana is a drug which changes our body actions where its uses will lead to high occurrence which changes our whole life. For instance from low to moderate doses distort the perception that causes the traffic accidents. In fact the study of the weed legalisation is founded, it is a familiar illegal drugs used for many purposes.

Even the unhealthy items are legalized such as like cigarettes and alcohol which are prohibited from being sold to the children and the primary reason for this is because in general the children do not exhibit the same reasoning, judgment and responsibility of the adults and their bodies are not equipped to handle the intake of these substances. The use of the marijuana creates more problems which can deal with the serious blows to develop the bodies and minds so the use of the marijuana is legalized at anytime and this has increased the accessibility of this drug. Well this drug is now used by children and the teenagers in the form of alcohol and cigarette and the authorities should think about legalizing this drug. It would be well and good when you use this getting a suggestion from your family doctor before using it.

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