Home Remedies Vs Detox Drinks For Drug Test

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There are many proven ways to pass a drug test, my favorites are synthetic urine and detox drinks, but many will say these are a waste of money because you can pass your test with home remedies. These remedies are usually cheap and the ingredients are available in every supermarket.

I believe the only reason why these remedies are popular because they are cheap. People don’t like to spend money, that’s the truth. I have passed 4 drug tests in the last two years and I always used professional detox products. In this article, I am going to mention a few home remedies and also my recommended detox drinks for a drug test.

Home Remedies That Don’t Work For a Drug Test

You will hear a lot about the Certo method. This method involves drinking two packet of fruit pectin and three bottles of water. This home remedy has the best success rate, but it’s still nowhere to professional products. The problem is every single guide mention different instructions.

Some say you should drink the first packet of Certo one day before the test and the other one 1 hour before the test, some say to drink a gatored energy drink and also take some B12 vitamins, some says pee twice before the test the other says pee minim 3 times and so on…Our body is different, what is enough for me might not be enough for you, there are many factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Smoking Habits
  • Body Type
  • Metabolism

So even if the Certo method is not bad and it works a similar way like detox drinks I would still suggest you to avoid it, because it’s not safe. If you can not afford a professional detox drink (which usually costs around 50$) then go with this method, but make sure you check any videos and the reviews of other users.

There are many other methods that are absolute rubbish, such as the:

  • Apple cider Vinegar method
  • Baking Soda
  • Palo Azul Tea
  • Drinking Bleach
  • Drinking Green Tea
  • Cranberry Juice Flush
  • etc…

I found this method on a youtube video:

You can detox in 24 hrs..go to Walmart buy a bottle of Golden Seal the meds and vitamins..drink 3 gallons of the day..put 1/2 tablespoon of bleach in the last gallon. You will piss all night and every 4 to 6 minutes all day.but it does work. I drunk a beer to activate piss mode. Budweiser. Idk if that helped but Goldenseal Root works. I suggest buying a drug test at Walmart as well and taking it 24hrs to check they are only 8 bucks It works

Do yourself a favor and do not listen to idiots like this guy…you will fail I can guarantee that.

My Go-To Detox Drinks For Weed

If you want to pass your test and for some reasons, synthetic urine is not an option for you I recommend you to buy a high-quality drug detox drink. They are relatively cheap and very reliable. Obviously, there are many crap quality products on the market, but if you do minimal research you will see what to avoid. My favorite detox drinks for weed are:

Herbal clean ultra Eliminex: It’s probably the best, strongest detox drink available. It has the best formula, highly recommended even for hardcore weed smokers. I have tested myself back in February and I passed my test with flying colors. The only downside is its price, it costs around $80.