Medical Marijuana and Its Effects: Good and Bad

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Medical marijuana is used legally in 33 states. Its effects have been proven to outweigh the risks on a high scale. This drug has been prescribed to many who suffer from a long range of ailments, from cancer, bipolar, to chronic pain. Chronic pain is one of the main ailments treated with medical marijuana next to cancer, and even with cancer patients the reason for use is to dull the side effects of Chemo treatments. One of the side effects of cancer treatment is chronic pain.

The effects this drug has on patients is anywhere from euphoric mood changes, to relaxed or even impaired motor skills, and increased appetite.

The reason why doctors prescribe this drug to his/her patients is due to the almost impossible chance of overdose, and the lack of long term effects on such patients. Chronic pain sufferers have very little chance of dangerous side effects while using this drug to treat their pain. Where as, if the patient had been prescribed an addictive opioids. Medical marijuana has replaced or is still prescribed along side such drugs.

These other drugs have much higher risks of side effects and long term effects then that of medical marijuana. Mainly the chances of accidental overdose are extremely high when it comes to these other medications. The other side effects can range from moderate to severe nausea, partial or complete temporary impairment, and anxiety attacks. These are very scary effects that are avoided when prescribed medical marijuana.

Are there any bad effects from medical marijuana? From what many doctors say, medical marijuana has very little risks, and the main risk to have any concern about is the effect the smoke has on ones lungs. Marijuana in general carries more tar and chemicals to the lungs then the average cigarette. But even then the lack of smoke inhaled while smoking medical marijuana also helps outweigh the risks.

Even with that conflict doctors are trying to come up with a marijuana vapor that can be administered at the doctor’s office or hospital via a vapor machine. This new method that has yet to be invented will reduce bad effects on the lungs of patients.

I have known one person who used medical marijuana for chronic back and knee pain. It was the only thing that helped his body relaxes enough for the pain to subside. He had already built up resistances to normal pain medications such as ibuprofen, Percocet’s, and Vicadines.

He had believed the benefits definitely outweighed the risks of upping his doses of his other medications. He was sick of being prescribed different things that never helped, till he was prescribed medical marijuana. He was finally able to battle the pain he had been suffering, and he was finally able to enjoy his life with his family.

So in the end the effects that medical marijuana has on patients, good or bad, outweigh the risks on the highest scale possible. Any one with chronic pain, or who is suffering from chronic disease and have been prescribed this drug, will admit that it is by far the best medication that they have to help with their ailments.

From the relaxed euphoric feeling that it gives off almost immediately, to the lack of life threatening side effects, this seems to be the only drug with more good effects then bad.