Prescription Drug Abuse and Teens

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Of all of things that teens are using to get high the most popular seems to be prescription drugs. It may possibly be because of the ease in which these drugs can be obtained.

Most teens admit that they get their prescription drugs right from their family member or parent’s medicine cabinet. Furthermore, if they cannot be found there they are all too easy to buy off of the street from other teens. This addiction can be a very dangerous one.

Parents should be alert to the fact that every teen may experiment with prescription drugs at some point. Some of the drugs that teens will frequently try are painkillers, muscle relaxers, anxiety medications, anti-depressants, and prescription weight loss aids. There are some things as a parent that you should look for if you suspect that your child may be using prescription drugs.

One of the first implications that your child is using prescription drugs is common sense. If you notice a drastic change in your teen’s personality or behavior, there may be something going on. You may notice that your teen is either not talking or talking excessively. There may be a change in the people that they hang around.

Their grades may change or even their study habits. They may display an inability to focus or concentrate on one topic at a time. You may even see major mood swings. They may be very ecstatic one moment and then completely down the next. Their personality may become something that you have never seen before with your child. This will be the first sign that there is some kind of drug abuse problem.

Pay close attention to your child’s sleep patterns. A good indicator that there is something not right is if your child is not sleeping like they should.

A lot of prescription drugs contain stimulants that will inhibit someone from being able to sleep. There are also some drugs that will mike a teen sleep more than normal. If you notice that your child is suddenly unable to sleep at night or is sleeping way too much, there very well could be a reason behind it.

Appetite changes are also something that needs to be watched. Teens will go through different times in their life that they will eat more or less. This does not mean that every teen is on drugs. However, if you notice that your teenager is barely eating anything and feels nauseated often there is usually a reason behind this. One of the main side effects of prescription pain killers is nausea. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears wide open to what your child is eating or lack thereof.

Most parents will keep their medicine cabinets locked when a child is small. Many never think that they should do the same with older children in the home. With prescription drug abuse by teens on the rise, this is a very good reason for everyone who has a child in the home to keep their prescriptions under lock and key. You may think that this is a bit much but drastic times call for drastic measures of protection.

The biggest part of keeping your child off of drugs is simply your involvement in their life. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not feel guilty for going through their things. It is your responsibility as a parent to know what your child is doing at all times. Pay close attention to the actions of your child at all times and be a part of everything that they do. You alone can be the preventing factor of having a child who is addicted to prescription drugs.